Detailed intersection of a fiber optic cable revealing its components

This course is designed for non-technical professionals who wish to learn the basics of fiber optics. It provides participants with an overview of fiber optics technology, application and components which can help guide business decisions and performing daily tasks related to fiber optics networks.

Telecommunications Directors and Managers in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, HR, Sales, Legal, and Administrative posts who wish to learn high-level concepts related to fiber optics technologies.

Instructor-led Training
  • LIVE Virtual: 1 day

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At the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • Light propagation in fiber optics
  • Design of a basic fiber optics network
  • Fiber Optics technologies in Access, Distribution, and Long Distance communications
  • Practical aspects of fiber optics networks
  1. Fundamentals of Fiber Optics
  2. Fiber Link Budget
  3. Fiber Optic Technologies
  4. Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  5. Business Case for Fiber Optics
  6. Fiber Optics Measurements and Test Instruments
  7. Case Studies and Examples of Fiber Optics Networks
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Duration: Classroom/LIVE Virtual: 1 day
Level: Virtual Training

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