Consultancy Services

Telefocal is committed to empowering our clients with the necessary knowledge and critical skills in a fast-paced technological environment. We provide IT/Telecom executives with expert advice to assist them in making independent, timely, and sound business decisions.

We offer consultancy services in the following areas:

Radio Access Network

The radio interface in 3G/4G networks is critical and sensitive to interference and traffic load. We propose RAN optimization to enhance network performance, traffic load analysis to identify bottlenecks, and network management strategies for efficient resource allocation.

Transport Network

We address the lack of network management visibility by streamlining the process of correlating service problems to non-device-specific network causes. With expertise in traffic engineering, capacity planning, and process improvement, we empower operators to achieve seamless connectivity, cost efficiency, and optimal resource utilization in their transport networks.

Core Network

The core network hardware configuration is vendor-specific. We focus on conducting thorough network audits, assessing scalability and resilience, and providing tailored recommendations for network design and optimization. We also help our clients in strategic planning for future network expansion and ensure business continuity in their core network infrastructure.

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