Telefocal Certified Professional in Managing The Managed Services (TC-MTMS)


Telecom business management has evolved rapidly over the last couple of decades and intense competition has forced the decision-makers to optimize their business. Managed Services is a concept that started in IT industry and is now prevalent in telecom industry as well. This outsourcing model transfers the risk to the managed services provider, while the client can have a greater focus on their core business processes. This course includes several success and failure stories to highlight the point that change is not only inevitable, but also highly important to survive and flourish in a competitive world.

  • Executives of wireless and fixed Line
  • Operators who have at least 3 years of working experience
  • Directors and Mangers who wish to improve cross functional performance
Instructor-led Training
  • Classroom: 5 days
  • LIVE Virtual*: 35 hours
  • A minimum of 6 or more participants are required for a company-based LIVE Virtual course to commence
  • LIVE Virtual courses can be conducted for 5 hours or 7 hours daily. Please note that the number of training days will be extended if you opt for 5 hours daily.

21 – 25 Oct 2024 (Mon – Fri), GMT +08:00
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At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the new business environment in telecom industry
  • Appreciate the value of organizational transformation
  • Manage and monitor managed servies
  • Perform risk management for managed services
  • Understand the legal aspects of managed services and methodologies to transition from current state to the new state
  • Manage the QoS of the network
  • Learn how to achieve KPIs based on the SLA
  • Acquire skills to improve business processes via six sigma and other methods
  1. Telecom Infrastructure and Enabling New ways of Working
  • FIxed Network
  • Wireless Network
  • Data Network
  • IT Network
  • Evolution of Mobile Generations: 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • New Use Cases in 5G: IoT, M2M, Cloud, etc.
  • Transition from 3G/4G to 5G
  1. Telecom Business: Competitive Edge, ARPU, Growth and Core Business Processes
  • Tough Market and Competition
  • Declining ARPU vs Increasing CAPEX and OPEX
  • Network and Business Optimization
  • Core vs Supporting Business Processes
  1. Business Transformation, Change Management and Success & Failure Stories
  • Business Transformation 
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Change Management Frameworks: Kotter, McKinsey, ADKAR, Kubler, etc.
  • Role of Employee Communications
  • Pros and Cons of Various Models
4. Managed Services and Outsourcing
  • Definition, History and Evolution
  • Common Managed Services
  • Advantages and Challenges
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Outsourcing non-Core Processes
  • Examples of IT and Wireless Managed Services
  • Other Telecom Managed Services
  • HR Managed Services
  • Managed Services – Case Study
  • MSP – Operator Case Studies
5. Risk Considerations for Managed Services Provider Customers
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Considerations And Best Practices for Senior Executives And Directors
  • Organizational Risk Thresholds
  • Responsibility for Security and Operations
  • Protecting Critical Assets 
  • Operational Decision Making
  • MSP Risk Considerations Checklist
6. Service Level Agreements
  • Types of SLAs
  • SLA Penalties
  • Problem Management
  • Measuring Performance via KPIs
  • Writing an SLA – Step-by-Step Instructions 
  • Case Studies
7. Key Performance Measurements (KPIs) and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Service Measurement
  • Customer-related KPIs: Net Promote Score, Churn Rate, First Contact Resolution Rate
  • Delivering Services on-Time and Within Budget: SLA Compliance Rate, MTTR, MTTF, Technician Utilization Rate, Cost Per Ticket, etc.
  • Managed Service Levels: Transition-based, Project-based, Service-based, etc.
8. Managing Transition and Transformation Project
  • Project Management Framework and Standards
  • PMBOK Guideline
  • Waterfall vs Agile
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closing
9. Six Sigma, 5-S Technique and Business Process Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma 
  • DMAIC Methodology
  • DMADV Methodology
  • Six Sigma Roles
  • Six Sigma Tools and Methods
  • Five S Technique
  • Five S Program Benefits
  • Business Process Flow
  • Process Improvement
10. More Case Studies
  • Success Stories 
  • Failure Stories 
  • Case Studies about Managed Services
  • Case Studies about SLAs
  • Case Studies and Six Sigma

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