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Telefocal-Certified (TC) programs are a series of certification courses designed by industry experts to help you build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in the IT and telecommunication industry of today. 

The list of certification programs we offer includes certification in professional skill sets that are indispensable and reshape the IT and Telecommunications scene into what we are seeing today, specially in the domain of IP, SDN NFV, 5G, Roaming, Managed Services, Fiber Optics and Transmission Engineering.

Why IT/Telecom Certification is Essential Today

As new technologies emerge, professionals need to acquire new skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest industry developments and ensure that they remain competitive.

IT/Telecom certification provides a way for professionals to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to work with new technologies.

They can even help non-technical executives or those lacking in formal work experience to supplement their educational background when securing employment or seeking career advancement.

Telefocal's Certifications Deliver Results for Organizations and Individuals

Mastery of the Subject

Telefocal certifications attest that you have reached a solid understanding in the subject matter and that you are able to confidently apply your knowledge in real-world situations.

Better Job Performance

TC programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to better handle challenges at work, and enables more effective communication with colleagues, vendors and customers.

Career Progression

Earning a Telefocal certification enhances your professional credibility and helps you to seize career advancement opportunities.

Industry Awareness

Upskilling yourself with TC programs help you stay aligned with the latest technology and business developments in the IT/Telecom industry.

What’s the Difference between Telefocal-Certified Programs and our Regular Training Courses?

Telefocal-Certified Programs

TC programs verifies that you have acquired the skills that match the criteria for specific industry standards and/or professional organizations, which may be required for career advancement. All TC programs involve training and exam components and renew every 3 years.

Regular Training Courses

The certificate earned from this list of training courses indicates that the participant has successfully completed the coursework. They are not substitutes for academic degrees nor do they certify that the participant is able to work in a particular occupation or industry. 

  • The participant is awarded a professional and industry-recognised certification only after passing the certification examination
  • Required for career advancement
  • Training and examination involved
  • Limited certification validity period
  • The participant is awarded a certificate of completion only after achieving 75% of course attendance
  • Beneficial for career advancement
  • Training and examination involved

Choose Your Professional Certificate

Technology-Specific Certifications

Certification programs that target skills in telecom technologies.

Classroom: 8 days
LIVE Virtual Training: 56 hours

Classroom: 5 days
LIVE Virtual Training: 35 hours

Classroom: 5 days
LIVE Virtual Training: 35 hours

Role-Specific Certifications

Certification programs designed to train engineers in field technical jobs.

Classroom: 5 days
LIVE Virtual Training: 35 hours

Classroom: 5 days
LIVE Virtual Training: 35 hours

Hear from how our Participants have Benefitted from TC Programs

“This is a comprehensive training. This course will prepare me for the emerging SDN/NFV technologies to be deployed in my organization soon.”
Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)
“Very detailed class on Fiber Optics. I will now be able to understand and answer others when asked.”
ST Engineering
Telefocal Certified Fiber Optics Technician (TC-FOT)

Embark on Your Certification Journey Today

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