Overview of SDN, OpenFlow and NFV Workshop

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This is an introductory course that provides participants with a basic understanding of Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

Participants will learn the various OpenFlow controllers and tools, as well as SDN Applications and Security. The course will also explain what NFV is and cover use cases relating to Virtualization of LTE EPC and IMS. Various vendors and products in these domains will also be highlighted and discussed in this course.

  • Technical, marketing and business development individuals from Telecom Service Providers
  • Manufacturers of Networking hardware and software products
Instructor-Led Training
[Classroom: 3 days / LIVE Virtual*: 21 hours]
  • A minimum of 5 or more participants are required for a company-based LIVE Virtual course to commence
  • LIVE Virtual courses can be conducted for 5 hours or 7 hours daily. Please note that the number of training days will be extended if you opt for 5 hours daily.
  1.   Switching and Routing in a Nutshell
  2.   Introduction to SDN
  3.   Introduction to OpenFlow
  4.   OpenFlow Controllers and Tools
  5.   SDN Applications
  6.   SDN Security
  7.   Introduction to Virtualization
  8.   Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  9.   NFV Use Cases – Virtualisation of LTE EPC and IMS
  10.   Vendors and Products
  11.   Final Thoughts and Conclusion
  12.   Glossary
  13.   Summary

Participants must have a fair knowledge of IP, Routing principles and LAN concepts, including basic Ethernet.

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Duration: Classroom: 3 days / LIVE Virtual: 21 hours
Delivery Format: Virtual Training

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