Executive Coaching

Empowering Your C-Suite

Telefocal’s executive coaching series is specially designed to provide a high-level perspective of the Telecommunications / IT landscape for C-suite executives who are required to keep abreast of the various emerging technologies, market developments and business use cases.

We understand that time is of the essence for senior executives. Our executive coaching topics thus extract the most relevant, concise and critical information to help them save time sieving through the clutter of information so that they can go straight to crafting timely growth strategies.

Business executives in the midst of an executive coaching session discussing business opportunities and plans
Telefocal executive coach illustrating decision-making process on flipchart to business executives in an office

Why Executive Coaching

Often, we hear of the maxim “education is a life-long journey”, and more so now in a fast-changing society shaped by disruptive technologies.

Having the right knowledge will help top-management executives leverage potential business opportunities offered by changing consumer preferences, technological and market developments.

Executives can also confidently provide the necessary guidance and the appropriate decision-making strategies for the organization to adopt.

Solid track record in executive coaching

We are privileged to have delivered our executive coaching services to many senior executives of Telecommunications Regulators and Communications Service Providers in the region.

Our executive coaches are seasoned in helping executives to develop an executive mindset and build skills in scenarios tailored to various business objectives, as well as in providing actionable recommendations to help them consider strategic opportunities that would position their organizations to thrive in the future.

Business executives engaged in executive coaching at a conference table

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