Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)

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The course provides a solid technical understanding of the Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) technologies and architectures endorsed by 3GPP, and the LTE industry. More specifically, the course covers in depth the procedures call flows as well as the necessary network optimizations required to deliver high performance  experience of voice service. The course contents goes beyond VoWiFi covering in depth WiFi calling, call flows, handovers, and performance optimizations for a holistic and uniform packet based Voice service.

  • Service Engineers
  • IP Engineers
  • Radio and Packet Core Engineers
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Product Managers
  • Technical Marketing Officials
  • Technical Strategy Officials
Instructor-led Training
  • Classroom: 3 days
  • LIVE Virtual*: 21 hours


  • A minimum of 6 or more participants are required for a company-based LIVE Virtual course to commence
  • LIVE Virtual courses can be conducted for 5 hours or 7 hours daily. Please note that the number of training days will be extended if you opt for 5 hours daily.

There are no upcoming course dates currently scheduled for this course. If you are keen on attending this course, please register your interest and indicate your preferred training dates via course enquiry form for us to open a Classroom/LIVE Virtual class schedule for this course.

The course describes in depth the technological solutions and standards that will enable the migration  of telephony services over WiFi networks. After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the network design and infrastructure for WiFi
  • Describe the VoWiFi architecture 
  • Understand and describe the WiFi calling 
  • Understand the trusted and untrusted non-3GPP access  
  • Describe the packet core infrastructure needed for VoWiFi 
  • Describe how IMS is working and is related to delivering Voice 
  • Describe E2E signalling of SIP 
  • Describe the security related call-flow of a call
  • Understand mobility scenarios (WiFi – EUTRAN, ANDSF, MAPCON, IFOM, NSWO)
  • Understand how to engineer WiFi for best possible VoWiFi Quality of Experience

At the end of the course, participants will be proficient in designing, planning and optimizing a best of class VoWiFi service that satisfies current and future market requirements. 

  1. Voice over WiFi Overview
  • VoWiFi Service and its Usage
  • WiFi Basics
  • Technologies based on IEEE 802.11
  • Architecture Overview:
    • Trusted WiFi Access in EPC
    • Untrusted WiFi Access in EPC
    • Network Nodes
  • Standardization: LTE <-> WiFi Voice Mobility
  1. IMS Architecture Overview
  • IMS Overview 
  • SIP Protocol 
  • IMS Registration and Procedures 
  • IMS Profile for Voice with WiFi Access (GSMA Defined)
  1. VoWiFi Access and Procedures 

  • VoWiFi Procedures: 
    • Step-by-step Procedures  
    • ePDG Discovery 
    • Introduction to EAP-AKA, IKEv2 
    • EPS Security 
    • Case Study 
  • PDN Connection Setup 
    • UE IP Address Allocation 
    • PCSCF Discovery 
    • IPSec Tunneling 
    • GTP Tunneling 
  • Media Streams 
  • Diameter Messages
  1. Voice over WiFi Mobility  

  • Mobility Scenarios 
    • LTE <-> WiFi 
    • WiFi <-> 
  • Role of ANDSF
  1. Packet Core Network Connections 

  • Hotspot 2.0 
  • ANDSF 
    • ISMP, ISRP 
  • SiPTO 
  1. Voice over WiFi Planning and Optmization 

  • VoWiFi Auditing and Surveying 
  • Traffic/Capacity Planning 
  • QoS and Codec Optimization 
  • 802.11e Extensions, WMM 
  1. E2E VoWiFi QoE 

  • UE Capabilities 
    • VoLTE, SRVCC 
    • FGI 
    • VoWiFi (EAP-SIM, WMM, HS2.0) 
  • MOS for VoLTE 
  • Engineering E2E Voice QoE  
    • Optimization Radio 
    • Optimization IP Layer
Note: A Certificate of Completion will only be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course.
  • Basic knowledge of IP
  • Basic understanding of 3GPP (preferably EPS, UMTS, LTE) 

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