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19 – 23 Aug 2024

4 – 6 Sep 2024

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Why Telefocal

Our returning list of esteemed clients bears strong testimony to our commitment to training excellence. Since 2000, we have served more than 50,000 technical and business professionals worldwide.

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Popular Certification Courses

Telefocal Certified Submarine Cable System Expert (TC-SCSE) is a new addition to Telefocal’s list of certification programs. In this five-day certification course, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of submarine cable system networks, both from the technical as well as the commercial aspects of it.

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Telefocal Certified 5G Professional (TC-5G) prepares telecom engineers for 5G deployment. From system overview, service-based architecture, network slicing, 5G security, to IoT integration, participants will gain a holistic understanding of the 5G landscape and its practical applications.

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Newly Launched Courses

Gain Proficiency in Industry-Leading Software Applications​

These courses focus on imparting practical skills in utilizing Pathloss 6, Wireshark, and SatMaster Pro software applications.

Dive into the Future of IT and Telecoms with Our New AI Courses

Our new AI courses are specifically designed to provide IT and Telecom professionals with a competitive edge in the evolving tech landscape. Explore our courses below.

Why choose our AI courses?
Industry-Tailored Content
Learn from Industry Experts
Engage in Hands-On Learning

You can Learn

Telefocal Asia ABCs of Telecommunications flagship logo

Telefocal’s Flagship: ABCs of Telecommunications

This 3-day beginner-friendly course is catered for both technical and non-technical IT/Telecom professionals alike. Whether you’re new to the industry or just need a refresher, this course covers the fundamentals of telecommunications in an easy-to-understand format.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • History of telecommunications
  • Basics of voice and data communications
  • Essential components of a telecommunications system (eg. switches, routers)
  • Transmission and wireless technologies
  • Basics of network protocols

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Structured, Hands-On Learning

Telefocal is committed to delivering training excellence to its global clients, much so with agility that befits a fast-changing technology landscape and an era of digital transformation:

  • Learn from industry domain experts
  • Validate your learning through hands-on lab exercises*
  • Track your learning progress with specially-designed quizzes
  • Interact with participants and exchange knowledge
  • Access post-training support and assistance

*Applicable only for selected courses


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