Choose Your Preferred Training Delivery Mode for Building Knowledge

Telefocal understands that how participants receive their training is essential to effective learning. This is why we offer various training delivery formats to help you determine the most effective way to support your training goals, learning needs and budget. Each of our training delivery methods differ in their approach but they all share the same goal: to help professionals from various industry verticals bridge both knowledge and skills in their required domains.

Classroom Training

Get trained face-to-face by our subject matter experts in an immersive learning environment

LIVE Virtual Training

Maximize learning in a virtual, interactive environment from the location of your choice

Private Training

Receive private, dedicated training that is tailored to fit the needs of you and your team

Classroom Training

Here at Telefocal, we believe that interactivity is an essential component in the learning experience. Our classroom training allows participants to build upon learned knowledge through lab work exercises and classroom activities.

Learning in a face-to-face classroom setting also means that participants can receive in-person instructions from our subject matter experts and get their queries answered immediately.

Be it at your organization’s training venue, Telefocal’s or public training premises, classroom training would be a good option to consider for those who wish to immerse in a highly engaging and in-person learning environment.

Student attending a webinar session

LIVE Virtual Training

Reap the benefits of our LIVE Virtual training that is just as engaging and immersive as face-to-face classroom training, with real-time professional instruction, group discussions, lab work, and exam prep quizzes.

To help you and your team master core concepts, quizzes will be administered daily via our Learning Management System (LMS).

LIVE Virtual sessions prove to be cost-effective, especially when travelling is concerned. With added flexibility and convenience, this mode of delivery would be beneficial for organizations whose employees are working at various locations.

Private Training

Private group training offers a tailored curriculum that is fitted to your organization’s business needs to allow you and your team to gain relevant learning experiences and put learned knowledge into appropriate use.

Our training courses can be customized to provide you and your team with the access to knowledge and skills that will help your organizaion exceed the expectations of the industry.

Private group training would be appropriate for organizations who wish to contextualize training course topics according to their business needs.

Looking for a tailored course to train your team?

Drop us an enquiry and get a free assessment from us – we’ll help you analyze
your training goals and select the best option based on your needs.

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