Telecommunications Industry Overview Seminar

This 2-day seminar offers C-Suite executives and telecommunications regulators and professionals an overview of the telecom industry and technologies that are in operation. It examines the technological evolution and development over the last two decades, and identifies the market forces that help shape the modern-day telecom landscape.

In this seminar, attendees will also understand why and how the boundaries between telecom and IT are blurring. They will appreciate the impacts these developments or technology evolution have on the telco value chain, different market segments, and the possible rise and fall of different business types or industry verticals in the future.

Topics Covered

The Telecommunications Market of Today

Telecoms Evolution: A Historical Overview

Successes and Failures in the Telecom World

Emerging Technologies and Future Trends

Business Strategy in Telecommunications

Business Models: M(V)NO and Transport

Telco Digital Transformation

Telecommunications Job Market

Regulatory Aspect of the Telco Value Chain

Metrics to Evaluate a Telco Company

Who Should Attend?

  • C-Suite Executives of Communications Service Provider (CSP) or Telecommunications Regulators

For C-Suite Executives, this will be a valuable session to learn about the emerging technologies and the various opportunities they offer to make informed decisions about the future and turn strategy into successful execution.

  • Telecommunications Regulators

For telecom regulators, this knowledge sharing seminar will prove useful in providing the necessary knowledge for meeting telecom regulatory standards and policies that govern the development of the telecom infrastructure of tomorrow.

  • Telecommunications Professionals

This seminar will be an excellent opportunity for telecom professionals across experience levels to gain timely industry insights and stay current with changing industry standards.

Join us to explore emerging trends and technologies in the telecommunications industry and guide your organisation’s near-term decisions.

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