Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Essentials

Conduit roll for laying fiber optic lines in residential estate

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) has grown since the 1980s to accommodate the increasing network demands of the modern world. In this course, you will learn how fiber-based access networks enable increased network performance compared to traditional access technologies. The course will also explain the future proof nature of fiber networks and why FTTH remains one of the best technologies to handle consumer network demands in the coming years.

Telecommunications Directors and Managers in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, HR, Sales, Legal, and Administrative posts who wish to learn high-level concepts related to FFTH networks.

Instructor-led Training
  • LIVE Virtual: 1 day

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At the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • Understand traditional access technologies and their performance limitations
  • Appreciate the drivers behind the deployment of fiber-based access network
  • Learn various FTTX architectures
  • Recognize the design considerations and key components in an FTTH GPON
  • Business Drivers of FTTH
  1. Copper vs Fiber Access Network
  2. Business Drivers for Triple-play Services (High Speed Internet, VoIP, IPTV)
  3. FTTX Solutions (FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTH)
  4. Design Considerations of an FTTH Network
  5. FTTH GPON Architecture (OSP and Key Components)
  6. FTTH Case Studies
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Duration: Classroom/LIVE Virtual: 1 day
Level: Virtual Training

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