Carrier Ethernet Essentials

A bundle of carrier ethernet cables

The course is a one-day introductory course to modern networking and carrier ethernet technologies. In this course, you will learn why carrier ethernet is a reliable and ubiquitous solution that is deployed within and beyond the network infrastructure, as well as the various standards and components of the technology that are used to provide networking services to end-users.

Telecommunications Directors and Managers in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, HR, Sales, Legal, and Administrative posts who wish to learn high-level concepts related to carrier ethernet networks.

Instructor-led Training
  • LIVE Virtual*: 1 day
  • A minimum of 6 or more participants are required for a company-based LIVE Virtual course to commence
  • LIVE Virtual courses can be conducted for 5 hours or 7 hours daily. Please note that the number of training days will be extended if you opt for 5 hours daily.

There are no upcoming course dates currently scheduled for this course. If you are keen on attending this course, please register your interest and indicate your preferred start/end training dates via our course enquiry form for us to open a Classroom/LIVE Virtual class schedule for this course.

At the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • Understand differences between Carrier Ethernet and Traditional Ethernet (LAN)
  • Appreciate the drivers behind the deployment of Carrier Ethernet Network
  • Recognize the design considerations and key components of Carrier Ethernet
  • Business Drivers of Carrier Ethernet
  1. Carrier Ethernet vs Traditional Ethernet (LAN) – Distinguishing Features
  2. Business Drivers for Carrier Ethernet
  3. Carrier Ethernet Standards from MEF Forum
  4. Carrier Ethernet Business Case
  5. CE Standardized Services, Attributes, QoS and OAM
  6. Carrier Ethernet Case Studies
Note: A Certificate of Completion will only be issued upon achieving at least 75% attendance for the course

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