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Transmission Technologies

Overview of Mobile Network and LTE / Transmission Technologies

Course Objectives:

This training aims to introduce the idea of LTE IP transport network solutions to transmission design engineers.

LTE Transport Network should accommodate the traffic created by cellular coverage. Thus, the correct dimensioning of the Transport Network is critical from the QoS and capacity point of view.

Several technologies could be implemented, such as IP over ATM or IP over Ethernet. Mobile Packet Backbone Network solutions are described in detail and is supported by case studies to help transport designers understand the diverse techniques that can be deployed. Mastering these techniques, participants will learn how to contribute in end-­to-­end user throughput optimization.

Course Duration:

5-day instructor-led training.

Course Outlines:


  • From GSM to GPRS
  • GSM / GPRS Architecture
  • GSM Radio Interface details
  • UMTS Introduction
  • UMTS Radio Interface details
  • From UMTS to HSPA/HSPA+
  • HSPA Architecture
  • R99 to R4 evolution – the IP Core Network
  • Core network nodes details and roles
  • 3GPP Releases – Overview towards Rel.14



  • LTE/SAE Introduction
  • LTE Principles
  • eUTRAN Presentation
  • EPC presentation
  • EPC Nodes And Interfaces
  • EPC Signaling And Protocols
  • EMM/ECM Common Procedures
  • Overview LTE/LTE-A UE Capabilities



  • TCP/IP overview and description
  • IPv4 vs IPv6
  • TCP/IP protocol stack description
  • SS7 signaling overview
  • SS7 protocol stack description
  • SS7 signaling in UMTS and LTE
  • CAMEL (Customised Applications for Mobile networks
  • Enhanced Logic) protocol description
  • SIGTRAN – SS7Signalling over IP networks
  • SIGTRAN Protocol stack description
  • IP-based signalling and SIP
  • Introduction to SIP operation
  • SIP Security aspects


  • The 3GPP Security Architecture
  • UMTS Security
  • Security Algorithms in UMTS – the MILENAGE set
  • Security procedures and parameters for Authentication and Encryption
  • LTE/EPC Security Procedures
  • Authentication, Non-access stratum security and Access-stratum security
  • Security Algorithms for EPS: SNOW 3G and AES
  • Re-keying procedures and key generation for Handovers
  • Security Aspects for the EPC components
  • eUTRAN and EPC vulnerability aspects



  • Services with EPS
  • The IP-Multimedia System (IMS) reference architecture
  • IMS functions and basic operation
  • Discussion on potential services: VoLTE, VoWiFi, IP-TV, Instant
  • Messaging, Presence Services etc.
  • IoT over LTE: benefit or compromising security
  • LTE-advanced: Carrier Aggregation and Small Cells
  • Network configurations: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and
  • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
  • Introduction to 5G

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