LTE Transport Network Design

LTE transport network design aims to introduce transport design engineers into the general idea of LTE IP transport network solutions. Transport network should accommodate the traffic created by cellular coverage areas; hence the correct dimensioning is critical for QoS and capacity point of view. Several technologies could be implemented, like IP over ATM or IP over Ethernet. Mobile Packet Backbone Network solutions are described in much details supported by case studies to help transport designers realise the diversive techniques Mastering these techniques attendants will learn ho to contribute into end to end user throughput optimization.

Lecturer will present the material in details, also with exercises, puzzles, case studies, and interesting group activities to enrich the instruction and drive home the essential points.

Material could be customized based on the background of the attendants, trying to make new ideas easier to learn as well as more relevant. Printed Participant Slides Handbook will provided.

LTE cell planning & Dimensioning is recommended

This course could be attended by:

  • Mobile Networks Engineer who would like to “fill in the holes” and catch up with LTE transport network design principles
  • Radio network planners who would like to learn more about the capacity planning of the transport network
  • Multimedia Engineer who would like to learn the concepts and theory of LTE-SAE that transports your services to the users

4-day instructor-led training.


  • LTE/SAE Introduction
  • ATM transport network
  • IP overview
  • IP description
  • IP MPBN Transmission overview
  • Overall Cellular Interfaces over IP
  • IP LTE transmission design
  • SS7 signaling overview
  • SS7 signaling in LTE

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