Training Roadmap for IP/Ethernet Courses

Telefocal’s IP / Ethernet courses are offered at various competency levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Find the Competency Level Best Suited for You


The following basic IP courses are designed for directors, non-technical managers, and policymakers who are required to have fundamental knowledge regarding IP networks and IP-related technologies to drive businesses and strategy-related decisions. 

These courses are also catered for junior engineers and technicians who are new to the data networking field and who plan to grow further in the technical domain.

Telecom professional configuring Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask IP address on mobile phone

Gain a foundational knowledge of IP routing, switching and network access technologies within the context of a telecommunications working environment. Practical and lab exercises will be covered. Learn more.

Gain a high-level understanding of the role of TCP/IP in telecommunications and its impact on Internet and IP transit traffic. Be equipped with the practical skills to perform network analysis and troubleshooting using Wireshark and learn how to interpret, diagnose, and resolve various network issues. Learn more.


The following intermediate IP courses are designed for technical directors and managers who require a more advanced level of expertise related to IP networks and IP-related technologies to deal with technology management, vendor management, project management, and operations related to IP technologies. 

These courses will also be beneficial for senior engineers and technicians who already know the basics but are looking to brush up their knowledge and grow further in the technical domain.

This course covers network monitoring, network performance, and its measurement techniques. It focuses on latency, jitter, packet loss, throughput, packet duplication, quality of experience, etc. Diagnostic tools will be used to practically demonstrate the network performance. Learn more.

Learn about the wireless technologies used to establish vital IP-based communications networks on remote, offshore oil drilling platforms. The course will also focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring regulatory compliance for uninterrupted operations. Learn more.

Learn about the application of TCP/IP protocol in satellite communications and the techniques used to ensure the functioning of a two-way satellite service. The course will cover the performance of IP over satellite networks, challenges faced in the delivery of reliable and fast data, and the solutions available to overcome these issues. Learn more.


The following IP courses cover more advanced concepts and practices on IP and MPLS technologies. They are designed for technical directors and managers who have good background in wired and wireless technologies and TCP/IP (eg. HTTP, FTP, routing protocols).

They are also designed for senior engineers and technicians who are required to conduct planning, deployment, operations, and troubleshooting related to IP technologies. It is advised for participants to have a fundamental knowledge of IP networks before enrolling in the advanced courses.

This course covers the components of a network protocol stack and introduces policy-based QoS architecture and the emerging trends in IP QoS. The techniques, principles and technologies associated with implementing IP Quality of Service (QoS), as well as firewalls, digital certificates, encryption, other essential topics for e-commerce sites, and the different IP Networking Management services will also be covered. Lastly, advanced concepts related to switching and routing will be explained. Learn more.


“The content and coverage on Carrier Ethernet Transmission Systems and the Next Generation Networks were well covered.”
IP for Telecoms Professionals – MASTERCLASS
“This course helped me to equip myself with IP knowledge to help in handling the IP network in my organization.”
M1 Limited
IP Network Fundamentals with Practical Hands-on

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