Training Roadmap for Fiber Optics Communications Courses

Telefocal’s Fiber Optics Communications learning roadmap provides a clear overview of the three types of courses –  ‘Access Network’, ‘Core Network’ and ‘Certified Technicians’, at varying competency levels. These training courses provide a 360 degree understanding of the technologies that support Fiber Access and Fiber Core Planning and Operations, and the applications they support.

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Access Network

Fibre optic cables


In this course, participants will be introduced to Optical Access Networks, specifically Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technologies. They will learn about the role of FTTH in allowing Telecoms Service providers to provide Internet access and increase network performance as a result of the tremendous growth of the Internet. Learn more.


This course describes the different FTTX architectures, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions. Learn more.


This course is designed primarily for telecommunications technicians who wish to understand the technologies associated with GPON and FTTX. Learn more.


This course covers the concepts of GPON, ODN design and plan GPON services in a large city. Participants will be able to test and troubleshoot the GPON network as well. Learn more.

Core Network


In this course, participants will learn about the SONET/SDH and DWDM networking technologies and elements required to build evolving transport networks. Participants will come to gain a solid business and technical foundation in optical networks, services and applications development. Learn more.


This course introduces participants to OTN planning and covers the key OTN technologies, components, architectures, parameters and standards involved. Learn more.


This course aims to help participants establish comprehensive technical knowledge and foundation of the architectures, technologies and networking elements that are associated with the deployment of evolving Optical Transport Networks (OTN). Learn more.


This course covers more advanced aspects of DWDM network design and engineering, focusing on metro and long haul optical networking. Learn more.

Certified Technicians

This workshop prepares technicians for all aspects of cable splicing and installation, testing and trouble-shooting on optical access networks, which leads to a formal certification. Learn more.

This course equips participants with the necessary knowledge, theories and concepts on Fiber Optics and Fiber Optics Communications. Practical lab will be conducted to help participants translate knowledge into practice. Learn more.


“Better understanding of Next Generation Network which will help me in my review and assessment of operators' issues.”
Next Generation Access Network (NGAN) - GPON/FTTx
"The course is able to meet my expectations. I am able to present and talk more confidently in front of my client.”
Equation Technology & Cabling
FTTx Planning, Design and Implementation (ODN)

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