The MEF Carrier Ethernet Certification Program is designed for individuals whose Carrier Ethernet technology, services and application expertise meet MEF criteria. The MEF's Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (CECP) test validates knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technology, standards and applications.
Primer on Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data Analytics
Big Data & Analytics products scale to handle terabytes of data but implementation of such tools need new kind of cloud based database system like Hadoop or massive scale parallel computing processor. This course work on Big Data BI for Telco covers all the emerging new areas in which CSPs are investing for productivity gain and opening up new business revenue stream.
Discover the speed of LTE - The telecommunications personnel who need a strong background about the LTE air interface structure and mechanisms. It is a pre-requisite for the personnel in charge of the configuration, optimization and monitoring of a LTE network.
Business Analytics Courses - These courses essentially target at the Marketing and Non-Technical professionals and allow them have an overall understanding of telecommunications trends and technologies, as well as strategies and applications of telecommunications knowledge.

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