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Threats are a fact of life in the world of cyber security. One of the most challenging aspects of cyber security is constantly evolving nature of security risks.

From internal threats to creative Ransom ware to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), security experts surmised that commercial cyber security threats would likely materialize in the next years.

Some of the Cyber Attacks that need to be avoided are : Malware (including Trojans, viruses and worms), Phishing Attacks, Password Attacks, Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks, Rogue Software, etc.

We cannot eliminate the threats. However, we must protect against them. This should be done without disrupting business innovation and growth.
How can we defend ourselves against these threats and risks?

The only sure defence is Knowledge. And Top Management of any organisation needs to have this Knowledge.



An Overview of Cyber Security

“This course allows me to fully appreciate the risks that Cyber Security presents. ” ~ Wee K, SINGTEL COURSE OBJECTIVES After attending the training, participants will be able to: Describe the principal types of security threat to which individual computer users, governments, SMEs and large corporations are exposed; Describe the …

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LTE Security

COURSE OVERVIEW This “LTE Security” course is designed to enable participants understand the security issues surrounding LTE networks. It will list and explain in-depth the various encryption algorithms used in LTE networks so that the participants will have a good understanding of these encryption algorithms. The course will also dwell …

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CISSP Bootcamp to the Information Security Community (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

COURSE OBJECTIVES In this “CISSP Bootcamp to the Information Security Certification (ISC)2” 5-day training course, you will receive in-depth and latest information on security concepts and industry best practices. Special emphasis will be placed on updates and analysis of actual world events as well as a study on the day-to-day …

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CISM Bootcamp (Certified Information Security Manager)

COURSE OVERVIEW The course is designed to prepare information technology professionals, communications and information security towards the prestigious international certification exam in information security – CISM, world’s most important international organization of information security world – ISACA. Special emphasis is placed on analysis of real events and affinity of the …

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