WCDMA/HSxPA Systems Engineering and Network Optimisation

Course Objectives
The goal of WCDMA Radio Network Optimisation course is to present details on a number of optimisation problems, techniques and solutions specific to WCDMA radio-access networks. The participants will learn about radio network planning, deployment and optimisation. Solutions that include micro-cellular and in-building systems as well as pilot, handover, repeater, antenna and sub-sectorisation techniques will be presented in detail. Furthermore, the participants will learn about service-specific performance and inter-system issues.

Detailed knowledge of the WCDMA technology is needed. Furthermore, knowledge of the UMTS network protocols, architecture, and procedures is required. A good knowledge of GSM networks will be instrumental.

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for radio network planning managers, radio network planning and optimisation engineers;

Course Outline

  • 3GPP Standardisation and UMTS Overview
  • UMTS Radio Access Procedures
  • Radio Network Planning and Dimensioning
  • Introduction to HSDPA and HSUPA
  • Radio System Performance Enhancements
  • Handover Optimisation
  • Inter System Planning and Optimisation
  • Micro Cell and Indoor Solutions
  • Network Management and Optimisation
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