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Telefocal Certified 5G Professional (TC-5G)

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Duration and Training Format

10-days instructor-led training


Course Overview

5G is set to revolutionize the way we communicate, collaborate and exchange information.

With 5G New Radio (NR), it will support enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), and massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC).

5G will bring us to the next era of immersive experiences and hyper-connectivity. It is predicted that by 2020, over 20 billion devices will be connected and in use globally and supported by 5G networks.

To embrace this exciting future, one needs to be 5G-ready and broaden one’s technical know-how in new technologies such as LTE Advanced Pro, SON, C-RAN, HetNet, Mobile Edge Computing, Massive MIMO, NFV, SDN, Network Slicing, Mesh Networks, and IoT.

Many telecoms companies are increasingly looking for hybrid engineers who are multi-skilled in the fields of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Hence, adding a complimentary skill set such as Cisco or Juniper certification to your portfolio would certainly help to boost your professional image and employability.

In relevance to the 5G job market, acquiring added skills and knowledge in scripting and open source is highly desirable too. Suffice to say, these new 5G technology skills acquired will remain applicable to one as they are transferable from industry to another.

As 5G needs to be deployed on top of existing 2G, 3G and 4G Networks, it is essential for one to learn 5G radio network planning alongside existing networks; for only by which, 5G can be implemented in the most cost-effective manner.


Target Audience

  • Directors, techical managers and team leads responsible for national technology infrastructure planning and regulations
  • Senior managers, consultants and engineers in Telecommunications
  • Communications and Network Professionals planning on using, evaluating or working with 5G Networks, IoT, Small Cells, LPWAN etc
  • CSP or IoT Product Managers who wish to attain a comprehensive understanding of 5G and its capabilities for value creation.
  • Radio engineers who wish to reskill and understand how 5G Packet Core works.
  • Packet Core engineers who wish to reskill and understand 5G radio planning.
  • ICT cyber-security specialists who want a deep dive on 5G cybersecurity.



Participants are advised to have some prior knowledge on the following:

  • 2G, 3G or 4G technologies
  • IP networking
  • Software/Web technologies and principles e.g. API, HTTP, etc…
  • Cloud technologies e.g. Virtualization, Containers, DevOps etc…
  • Radio principles e.g. Radio propagation, how antennas work, and wireless connectivity basics like IoT, Small Cells, WiFi concepts.
  • Basic understanding of cybersecurity and protocols e.g. ciphers, public keys, HTTPS, TLS.

Note: the course may be technically heavy for those participants without the above per-requisites.


What you will learn

  • How to design a 5G network with concentration of small cells and IoT solution Integration
  • What is 5G, Small Cells and IoT and how will they change the enterprise world?
  • Describe ITU 5G standards (IMT2020) along with NGMN alliance and 3GPP
  • Top 3 considerations for 5G & IoT Cybersecurity
  • Features and enhancements of Massive MIMO
  • The evolution of 5G and key concepts, drivers, enablers of 5G
  • SBA (Service Based Architecture), Network Slicing, SDN, NFV advanced concepts
  • Threat Intelligence for IoT
  • Practical Aspects for the Integration of 5G Networks with existing 4G and 3G
  • Key Facts About the Roles of Wi-Fi 6, 5G in IoT, Edge Era
  • How to connect 100 billion human and devices
  • New Radio (NR)
  • Cloud RAN: Cloud- Radio Access Network (C-RAN)
  • End to end call flows, parameters for optimization
  • Design IoT solutions with security and CLOUD in play
  • 4 Stages of IoT architecture
  • Advanced small-cell technologies
  • How to exploit small cells and 5G for the next cycle of economic growth


Course Contents

  • 5G System Overview
  • 5G System & Core Deep Dive
  • Service Based Architecture (SBA)
  • 5G Service Exposure
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • 5G Network Slicing
  • 5G Security
  • 5G, IoT & Small Cells Technology Enablers
  • How to plan an advanced 5G network
  • Key Capabilities in IMT-2020
  • 5G Architecture – CORE
  • 5G Architecture – RAN & Air Interface
  • 5G NR Physical Layer
  • 5G Protocols
  • 5G RF Design
  • 5GS QoS model principles
  • Small Cells Planning and Design
  • IoT Architecture
  • Overview of IoT Connectivity Methods and Technologies


Methods of Instruction

Lectures can be conducted in Classroom style, or via Virtual Training. Training includes use of Power-point slides, discussion, Questions & Answers, Case Studies, Group Discussions.

All participants will receive comprehensive course materials.


Exam Details & Format

  • Online examination will be administered.
  • 50 MCQs will be proctored by Telefocal staff at the end of the 5th day of training, and repeats with another 50 MCQs at the end of the 10th day.

Test Duration: 60 minutes per bloc of 50 MCQs

Passing Score: 65 marks

Equipment requirement: Windows or Mac laptop.



For those who passed the certification exams, Telefocal Certified 5G Professional Certificate (TC-5G) will be issued in hardcopies and posted to specified mailing address, within 1 month from date of passing the examination.

There will be a repository of all of Telefocal’s 5G Certified Professionals.

Merits of Telefocal’s 5G Certification Programme – Telefocal Certified 5G Professional

Telefocal’s 5G Certification Course content are developed by our trainers who are 5G creators and people who work daily on 5G technology creation, deployment and design.

Being a vendor-neutral training company, we have trainers who are cognizant of the respective 5G solutions offered by equipment vendors such as Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei, rendering a robust and all-rounded content to be covered in Telefocal’s 5G Certification programme.

Our 5G course covers standards from various industry standards organisations, such as ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, IETF, ONF, TMF and MEF. These course contents are designed and tailored to be compliant to relevant industry standards for 5G.

Telefocal’s 5G certification course aims to impart the necessary domain knowledge and serves as a validation of important skills sets for anyone, before he is considered to have mastered the subject matter and attained a proficiency level that enables him to engage in professional practices and be recognised in the industry.

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