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SS7 and SIGTRAN Workshop

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand GSM network on a system level
  • Describe functionality of the SS7 network in GSM environment
  • Describe message routing on MTP and SCCP levels
  • Describe signaling procedures on different protocol levels:
  • Dxplain the SIGTRAN concept and impacts regarding redundancy, reliability, capacity, security, migration strategies
  • Understand and explain the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
  • Understand and explain the most popular SIGTRAN User Adaptation Layers including MTP3 User Adaptation (M3UA) and SCCP User Adaptation (SUA)
    • MTP3 User Adaptation (M3UA)
    • SCCP User Adaptation (SUA)

Pre-Requisite for Participants:

The participants should have attended GSM Technology course or should have the equivalent knowledge.
Practical experience in GSM would be recommended.

Who Should Attend?

The course is intended for experienced network engineers, network tuning staff and anyone with network experience, who needs in depth technical knowledge on functionality of GSM signaling.

Course Duration:

5 days

Course Outlines:

  • Introduction to Signaling
  • Signaling Concepts and PSTN Overview
  • Signaling System No. 7 Overview
  • Understand MTP1, MTP2 and MTP3 Layers
  • SS7 Routing and STP Application
  • Case Study: MTP Routing
  • Introduction to ISUP Signaling
  • Case Study: ISUP Protocol
  • Fundamentals of SCCP Routing
  • GT Analysis
  • Case Study in SCCP
  • Case Study: Network Service Part
  • Introduction to TCAP Layer
  • Fundamentals SS7 MTP-3 Testing
  • Fundamentals SS7 ISUP Testing
  • Introduction to SIP Protocol
  • Case Study SIP to SS7 Inter-working
  • Case Study SIP Tracing and Analysis
  • Overview of NGN Networks
  • Introduction to BICC Protocols
  • Introduction to H323 Protocols
  • Case Study: M3UA Protocol
  • Overview of SIGTRAN Network
  • Introduction to SCTP Protocols
  • M3UA Protocols and Applications
  • Case Study: SCTP Protocol
  • Case Study: M3UA Protocol

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