Primer on Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data Analytics


Service providers are seeing decreasing revenues and increasing customer churn against a back drop of rising network infrastructure expenditure. 

To reverse this dangerous and destructive spiral, telcos can make use of the data generated real time by their subscribers, commonly known as “Big Data”, for new revenue opportunities. Coupling this with a business transformation program focusing more on the management of customers’ experience (CEM), this may prove to be the cornerstone of telcos’ differentiating strategy and open up new revenue streams.

This course is a primer on CEM and Big Data Analytics and it’s unique course offering of Telefocal which covers topics with Business, Strategy and Technical perspectives.  It describes how a Telco can transform itself by using all the business intelligence it has about the subscribers to increase their service satisfaction which can eventually lead to increased revenue and churn reduction or prevention.


Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Decision Makers, Strategy Professionals, Product Managers, Managers, IT Professionals and CRM professionals etc.


5-day instructor-led training



  • The new telecom landscape and forces that drive the ICT industry
  • Telecom economics and dynamics that will disrupt the industry
  • Telecom assets to combat the new reality
  • Migration Strategies for Business Transformation
  • TM Forum, Frameworx, eTOM and other models
  • Network Performance Management (NPM) and Service Quality Management (SQM) for improved Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Network architecture for a customer driven telecom organization
  • Introduction to Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Key concepts and framework of CEM
  • TM Forum and The CEM Maturity Model
  • Defining End-to-End CEM, and QoE and their corresponding Indices
  • Measuring Success – KPIs, KQIs, SLAs and Metrics
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping and Optimization
  • The relationship of Net Promoter Score, CEMI, QoE, Churn and Revenues
  • Customer Experience driven Use Cases
  • The evolution of the DataWare house
  • Introduction to Big Data and Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Real Time, vs. Near Real time vs. Offline Business Intelligence
  • How telco departments can leverage Big Data Analytics
  • IT network architecture changes required for a disrupting ICT future
  • Use Cases related  to NPM, SQM and CEM
  • How CEM and BDA disrupt the telecom industry
  • New monetization techniques and Use Cases to revive the Telecom “cash-cow”


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