Pathloss 5 Workshop

Participants will acquire a basic understanding of Microwave Network design and planning concepts, and develop a thorough understanding on how to plan and configure microwave networks using Pathloss 5 link planning tool. Lab sessions will be conducted to enhance the learning experience.

3-day workshop


  • Pathloss 5 Configuration
  • Analysis of Power Budget & Threshold Concept
  • Atmospheric Effects, Refraction Analysis, Ducting and Rain Effects
  • Configuration of Reliability and Rain Effects in Pathloss 5.0
  • Propagation Phenomenon and Metrology
  • Configuration of Generation of Path Profiling and Terrain Data in Pathloss 5
  • ITU-R Rec P.530 and Concept of Path Clearance Criteria
  • Configuration of Antenna Height Parameters, Reflection Plane and Dispersion Effects in Pathloss 5.0
  • Configuration of Diffraction Effects in Pathloss 5.0
  • Interpretation and Configuration of Multipath Operation in Pathloss 5.0
  • Interpretation and Configuration of Availability and Reliability Objectives
  • Concept of Reliability and Availability
  • Configuration of Repeaters in Pathloss 5.0
  • Configuration of Diversity Schemes
  • Configuration of Network Display and Map Grid Module
  • Configuration of Point to Multipoint and Point to Point Operation
  • Configuration of Interference and Frequency Planning
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