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LTE Optimization & Traffic Dimensioning for Voice Services

After completing the training, the participant will be able to:

  • List various VoLTE optimization techniques including analyzing signaling protocols, enhance VoIP client features, optimizing RAN, LTE EPC, enhancing voice quality and improve UE power utilization
  • Understand Voice Call Continuity (VCC)  features  when applied
  • Describe VoLTE call  dedicated bearer setup
  • Analyze  SIP messages and SDP parameters
  • Analyze and troubleshoot VoLTE operational scenarios and parameters for
VoLTE registration, call setup and release

LTE RF Optimization Training provides up-to-date knowledge and relevant skills needed for successful delivery of LTE network design, LTE planning and optimization activities. Detailed definition of LTE data transmission, modeling, LTE RF channel, LTE RF propagation and interference, digital signal processing, OFDM implementation, and MIMO- SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO antenna systems.  Learn how to work with complex process of LTE network design and LTE RF optimization using performance analysis, planning, and performance reports.

Voice over LTE, based on the IPMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) network and is the preferred solution for delivering Voice in LTE.  VoLTE provides a number of benefits for operators and end users by enhancing  LTE  radio spectral efficiency and offering High Definition (HD) voice quality.  VoLTE can use LTE on low frequency spectrum for good coverage, providing fast call setup times and enabling LTE data rates during the voice call. After this course participants will be able to define Optimization Process, Mobility and Identify call establishment etc.


Who Should Attend?

All engineers, technicians and Managers in GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, LTE technology background.

Course Duration:

5-days instructor-led training

Course Outlines:

  • LTE Overview Release 8/9 
  • LTE System Architecture
  • The LTE Air Interface 
  • LTE QoS Framework
  • LTE-Advanced: Rel. 10 and Beyond Overview
  • Advancements in LTE Advanced
  • LTE-A Carrier Aggregation
  • IMS
  • VoLTE Call Procedures
  • VoLTE Troubleshooting, Optimization and Procedures
  • VoLTE Capacity and Coverage Overview
  • LTE and VoLTE Optimization in HetNet/Small Cells


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