Leadership Essentials – from Me to We

After attending the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the list of key skills required to be a successful team leader / supervisor
  • Appreciate how these skills interact in day-to-day circumstances
  • Consider relevant management theories and practical management techniques
  • Put new skills into practice in the working environment – to the benefit of the participant, the team and the organisation


This course provides essential team leadership skills to those who are new to playing the role of a team leader or supervisor or in line to be one. Leadership is often difficult for team members who have just stepped into the role, so this program aims to develop and improve leadership skills in order to enhance effectiveness within the team and organization.

  • How to build a cohesive, results-oriented team from a group of diverse individuals
  • Motivational techniques that inspire team members to want to perform at their peak
  • How to grant the team more decision-making and problem-solving authority as it matures
  • How to gain team member commitment to policy and procedural changes that are critical to the success of the organization

Telecommunications Operators, Vendors and Telecom Service Providers. The course is oriented at the whole spectrum of staff that is new to Management. Network Roll-out team members performing separate parts of the whole project cycle. Executives from Engineering, Customer Care, Sales, Distribution, Warehousing, Finance, Human Resources and other related departments.

2 days which are an interesting mix of Slide Presentations, Interactive Sessions, Quizzes, Embedded Multi-Media Sessions, Case Scenarios and Practical Workshops.


Module 1 – Characteristics of Successful Team Leader

Module 2 – Understanding and Building Teams

Module 3 – Successful Delegation

Module 4 – Collaboration

Practical Workshops

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