IP for Telecom Professionals – MASTERCLASS

This course provides a comprehensive insight, both in terms of breadth and depth, into everything a modern telecom professional needs to know on IP and IP networking. By the end of this course, participants will understand:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and addressing
  • IP network architectures
  • IP based protocols and routing
  • IP Security
  • IP deployment / configuration / troubleshooting using Wireshark and other tools
  • How IP is applied and operated in Mobile and Fixed Operator Networks

This is an excellent Masterclass covering all the theoretical and practical aspects of IP which a telecommunications professional needs to know.

The course begins with detailed explanation on IP basics, before progressing in depth and branching out to other modern IP technologies like IPv6, IPv6 networks and deployments, security, IP/MPLS networks, management VPNs etc.

It also covers other modern real-life applications, such as Mobile Networks / Fixed Networks, of IP protocols and equipment as well as the design and operation of these networks.

Practical hands-on examples will be included for a good understanding of IP. Simulation tools like Wireshark will be used for live demonstration and exercises so as to enhance the learning experience.

Participants will be trained on state-of-the-art knowledge regarding all aspects (theoretical and practical) of IP networking in modern telecommunication networks,.

It is considered a “future-proof” telecom career development course that all professionals in the telecom industry should undertake.

Basic knowledge of Packet or Circuit Switching would be beneficial.


  • Chief Technical Officers, who wish to have an overview understanding of IP networking technologies and its application on the mobile networks
  • Product Managers, who wish to launch IP based services
  • Telecom Sales professionals, who interface with customers to sell IP-based services or solutions
  • PaCo Engineers who wish to update or enhance their knowledge/skills
  • Network Engineers, Designers and Administrators
  • Network Managers and Planners
  • IT Professionals
  • Anyone who needs to know about IP in Telecommunications.

5-day instructor-led training.


  • Module: The Internet Protocol
  • Module: IP Addresses and Subnetting (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • Module: Routing Protocols
  • Module: Domain Name Systems
  • Module: Switching
  • Module: IP-MPLS
  • Module: IP QoS
  • Module: IP Tunneling
  • Module: IP Security
  • Module: IP Network Management
  • Module: IP Network Management
  • Module: IP Transmission Technologies
  • Module: Exploring TCP/IP Utilities (Demo)
  • Module: Mobile IP for Telecommunication Networks
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