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Internet of Things (IoT) Security Workshop

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the security threat landscape and how to take preventive measures
  • Understand the top ten security issues revolving around IoT
  • Learn about the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) of IoT products
  • Gain knowledge on the security considerations regarding verticals of connected devices
  • Learn from real-life examples and case studies in IoT Security

Course Overview:

The growth, and central role that Internet of Things play in the technology world is a proven fact. IoT is bringing the network to the physical aspects of our lives; our cars, utilities, homes, cities, industries and more.

With such influence, IoT security is definitely the main concern for the whole industry of IoT stakeholders, from developers, to service providers, customers and end users.

This course outlines the state-of-the-art prevailing practices for IoT security and how this topic is evolving. It is intended for IoT developers and managers to make strategic decision for their IoT products both as a vendor and as a customer.

Course Duration:

3-day instructor-led training.

Course Outlines:

  • Understanding IoT System Risks & Challenges
  • OWASP 2014 – Top 10 Security Risks
  • Understanding Challenges of IoT security
  • 4 Recent Case Studies of IoT Hacking
  • Security issues in Industrial Internet of Thing (IIOT) 
  • Security issues in Medical/Health care IoT system
  • Security issues in Connected Cars
  • IoT Security Implementation Case Study & Prevailing Art from Known IoT Platform
  • Legal Issues in Different Verticals of IoT
  • Block Chain & IoT Security
  • IoT Security & Standards
  • Active areas of IoT security research, future & Q/A session

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