Delivering Service Excellence in a Connected Age

After attending the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of exceptional customer service & the increasing expectations of customers in the Telecommunications industry
  • Appreciate the rapidly changing Telecom landscape & the need for Telco’s to provide an environment where service excellence can flourish 
  • Have an awareness of what a Connected World entails and how Customer Care is becoming a key Differentiator between competing companies
  • Have an appreciation of what Customer Service excellence will look like in the future 



Some working experience within the Telecommunications Industry and are part of – or soon to be part of – customer-facing departments. 



This is a 2-day instructor-led classroom training event which involves presentations, interactive sessions, quizzes, embedded multi-media clips, practical workshops and Case Scenarios.

The course is designed to give participants an opportunity to develop and improve their understanding of the principles of customer service excellence – especially as it applies to the Telecoms Industry.

There are practical aspects to the training – including 4 workshops which allow participants to trial their new learnings but in the safety of the classroom environment. 

The course then considers the future – both in terms of the evolving Telecommunications landscape (the Internet of Things) as well as expected future developments in Customer Service itself.


  • Managers and Supervisors who are new to the Customer Service environment or who need to refresh their skills
  • Front line sales and customer service staff
  • Participants should have some working experience within the Telecommunications industry and are part of – or soon to be part of – any customer facing department.

2-day instructor-led training


  • You and Your Customers 
  • The Role of the Organisation
  • Living in a Connected Age 
  • A Look into the Future of Customer Service
  • Practical Workshops  
  • Review and Close
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