4G LTE Signaling, Protocols and Procedures

The goal of this training is to give a comprehensive overview on the LTE specific Signaling Protocols and Procedures.
You will gain understanding about:

  • Non Access Stratum and Access Stratum Signaling
  • The concept of User Plane and Control Plane Protocols
  • The role of Radio Link Control (RLC), Radio Resource Control (RRC) and Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
  • MAC procedures in LTE
  • Following message sequences on various interfaces
  • Interworking with non-LTE systems

Have a solid understanding about Signaling in GSM/UMTS systems. Participants should be familiar with the concepts and ideas of SS7 and GPRS related signaling in earlier 3GPP systems. Understanding the signaling implementation in UMTS will add benefit.

This course is designed for Network Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, Regulators technical staff requiring an in-depth understanding of LTE Signaling, e.g.:

  • System engineers responsible for testing and verification
  • Telecom professionals supporting implementation, network operations and maintenance
  • Professionals with responsibilities in LTE hardware/software development

4-day course


  • LTE Architecture and Components
  • Core network: SAE overview
  • Generic LTE/SAE Protocol Architecture
  • E-UTRAN Network Interface: S1
  • E-UTRAN Network Interface: X2
  • Control Plane Protocols: Radio Resource Control – RRC
  • User Plane Protocols: Packet Data Convergence Protocol – PDCP
  • User Plane Protocols: Radio Link Control – RLC
  • User Plane Protocols: Medium Access Control – MAC
  • Non-Access Stratum – NAS Signalling
  • Evolved GTP: GTPv2-C
  • Wrap-Up: Workshop summary and Discussion



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